Monday, February 2, 2009

What Parents Need to Know About Nutrition

In honor of our upcoming lecture on Nourishing Our Children here is some information on what parents need to know about correct nutrition, and problems with conventional western wisdom.

  • No Processed or Refined Foods
Dietary Wisdom: Top Ten things you may not know about your diet:
  1. Butter is good for you
  2. Eggs are healthy
  3. Saturated fats and cholesterol are vital for optimum health
  4. Foods from grass-fed animals are important for good health
  5. Lean meat and low-fat milk should be avoided
  6. Modern soy products are dangerous
  7. Hydrogenated and liquid vegetable oils contribute to heart disease and many other health problems
  8. A vegan diet leads to serious nutritional deficiencies
  9. Not all "organic" foods are healthy
  10. Breakfast cereal is a junk food
Got Real Milk?
  • Pasteurized vs. Raw Milk: Is Raw Milk Safe?
What's Really in the Cereal Bowl?
  • Studies show extruded cereal is toxic!
The Skinny on Fat
  • Eat fat, Lose fat
The Ploy of Soy
  • Myths About Isoflavones
  • Traditional Versus Modern Soy Foods
  • Problems with Soy Protein Isolate
  • The Dangers of Soy Infant Formula
What You Don't Know About Your Energy Bar
  • Do they actually give energy?

This outline is provided by To read more about each topic click on the highlighted text (links). Happy Healthy Reading!


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