Saturday, February 28, 2009

Holistic Twitter!

I have recently become a "twitter nut." Twitter is a networking site that is sweeping the world with its impressive semi-micro-blogging format. The amount of information one is able to get from just a glance at their twitter homepage is amazing and because of this it has swept me in.

Yesterday as I was searching holistic related contacts I came across HolisticTwitter. As i'm sure you can guess my interest was peaked. I started looking in to it and I have to say that I am impressed. If anyone is interested in not only a great networking opportunity, but also a wonderful way to satiate your thirst for health and wellness ideas and updates. You can upload and view pictures, videos, recipes, articles, and even write your own free blog!

Check out my profile at
I'm choosing for now to keep my blogging status central to blogger but updates and more will definitely be posted at holistictwitter!



  1. Hey Jennifer!

    Thanks for blogging about HolisticTwitter! I am so happy you found and enjoy it. It is such a great gathering place to find other Holistic Tweeple and I am so proud and pleased to have created something that is of value to people. =)

    Much Love, @AndreaTannouri the @HolisticMamma

  2. Aloha Jennifer!

    Thank you for blogging about HolisticTwitter! I am so happy you enjoy it, it is turning into a great resource for finding cool Holistic Tweeple.

    I am so pleased and proud to have created something of value for people to enjoy. =)

    See you in the Twitterverse! =) @AndreaTannouri