Thursday, February 12, 2009

North Raleigh Farmer's Market in the Works!

The Wake County Cooperative extension office is currently investigating support/eed for a FARMERS MARKET/Community Market in North Raleigh...and potentially at the Creedmoor and Norwood intersection!

This means FRESH, CONVENIENT, AFFORDABLE fruits, veggies, meats, flowers, dairy and more from LOCAL farms! This marke will be closer than the North Hills or the Main market downtown in Raleigh, a great reason to get out on Saturday mornings! More sustainable and organic options, a great place to take kids, just a good idea all around!

If you like this idea, please take a moment to participate in this quick and easy Survey

And please forward the link to your friends and neighbors.


1 comment:

  1. Does anyone know if the N. Raleigh farmers market is moving forward? I am interested in becoming a vendor but I have to move quickly or else I will need to join another F.M. I would much rather this one since I live right on Norwood Rd.!!