Ambassador Program

Our patients are not only our livelihood, they are also our purpose, our mission and our spirit. We feel privileged every day to do business in such a wonderfully supportive community. The positivity surrounding us seems to never end, nor do we wish it to! In efforts to keep our mission alive we ask that you join our new ambassador program and help us to spread the word of core Health AND Wellness.

As an ambassador to CCW you will be the first to be notified of service specials, events, updates and more. After nominating us for any award or recognition please send a copy of the nomination to to be put on our Ambassador list. See how to take a shot of your nomination screen below. It takes less than a minute, and the result will help not only you, but also your community! Other ways to join the ambassador program are to recommend at least 3 patients to our practice for any of our services, or to link your website, blog, or social media sites to two of our online sources from THIS LIST.
    When you do so please send me a link of your website, blog, etc. so I can verify your link and add you to the list. If you recommend people ask that they put your name on their new patient paperwork under "recommended by:" Once our ambassador program grows we will be offering incentives to members. So please help us get it up and running...




    Recent Awards:

    By winning  the 2010 Best in the Triangle for the following three categories: Holistic Medicine, Chiropractic and Acupuncture, we have gotten a lot of positive response from new patients looking for maintenance care and healing. As a result our practice continues to grow. We thank you profusely for your patronage and  your support and ask that you help us continue to spread awareness to the triangle community.