Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall/Winter Seminar, Lecture and Workshop Schedule in Raleigh NC

Fall/Winter Seminar, Lecture, and Workshop Schedule

Oct 14: True Breast Cancer Prevention:Breast Cancer is growing rapidly among women and men inthis country. The 2:16 Ratio can help you know your risk for this disease as well as prevent it. Register for this free lecture today by calling our office.

Oct. 23: National Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day: Call 845.3280 today to schedule your complimenatary Acupuncture Health Screening this day ONLY from 9-6pm. a $50 value!

Oct. 28: The Autism Alternative: Natural Therapies for the treatment of Autism. Hosted at Rosie’s Plate in downtown Raleigh (7-9pm) Dr. Greenfield speaks. Register today by calling our office or Rosie’s plate.

Dec. 3: “Beating the Winter Blues: Holistic Approach to Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder.” Hosted at N. Regional Library. (6:30-7:30pm) Dr. Greenfield Speaks Register for this complimentary lecture today by calling our office or the North regional library.

Dec. 8: "10 Super Foods: how they relate to health and healing with Asian Food Therapy" Presented by Brian Kramer, L.Ac at N.Regional Library at 6:30pm. Call our office or the Library to reserve a spot.

Jan 7: “Designed Nutrition for Women” Hosted at N. Regional Library. (6:30-7:30pm) Dr. Greenfield Speaks. Call our office or the library to register for this complimentary lecture today.

Jan. 20: The ADHD Alternative: Natural Therapies for the treatment of ADHD and ADD. Hosted at Rosie’s Plate in downtown Raleigh (7-9pm) Dr.

Greenfield Speaks Call our office or Rosie’s Plate to Register today.

Feb. 4: “Fight Cold and Flu Naturally” Hosted by N.Regional Library. (6:30-7:30pm) Dr. Greenfield Speaks. Call our office or the library to register for this complimentary lecture today.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Raleigh's Center for Chiropractic & Wellness goes Pink for October

Hello all you loyal wellness coordination readers! Just wanted to fill you all in that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and in honor of this month the blog is GOING PINK!

In addition, Center for Chiropractic and Wellness is starting the month of by joining the American Cancer Society in the Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk on Saturday, October 3rd at North Hills in Raleigh. You can join our team by clicking HERE and signing up with our team. You can find the route map HERE. You can also help the cause by donating any amount you can on our team page or by coming in to the office to do so face to face with our lovely staff!

In addition to Making Strides, CCW is also hosting two in office lectures for women and men on the topic. We will be discussing a simple way that you can know your specific risk for breast cancer BEFORE you see any signs. This is true prevention for while mammograms are neccesary, they are not preventative. Check back for dates soon!


Friday, September 18, 2009

How about a House Party in Raleigh?!

What is a Health & Wellness House Party?

A Health and Wellness House Party is a Gathering of Friends, Family, Co-workers, Organizations, etc… in your own home for the purpose of learning TOGETHER about Health and Wellness Options. Dr. Greenfield will come to your place of residence (or other chosen location) and have a learning session with discussion and Q&A on any of the topics listed in this brochure. She can also work with you to formulate a topic of discussion and a presentation to go along with that desired topic. As for the party…that is up to you! We can give you healthy recipes for traditional meals made with whole foods, or you can simply decide a menu for yourself. We could also work with some of our own contacts to possibly provide snacks for your guests. Food is not required, but it always makes a gathering more personal and comfortable!

The Best time for a house party is during the week after 6:30pm or on the weekends.

What are Some of the Topics She Can Speak On?

  • Perfect Bones. A 6 point Plan for Healthy Bones
  • Nourishing Our Children: improve your child’s health and well being through simple and effective nutritional guidelines. Based on research and information from the highly reputable and respected Weston A. Price Foundation, this lecture is essential for anyone interested in giving their children a chance at optimal health, happiness, and quality of life.
  • Detoxification for Weight Loss and Wellness
  • Trans Fats 101: How to find them and why you should stay away from them
  • Top Ten Things: 10 things You can do for your health
  • Natural Stress Management Tactics
  • Menopause: a Holistic Approach to the roller coaster ride of menopause
  • Understanding Hormones: How Balancing hormones can treat illness, prevent disease, and create overall balance.
  • ABCs of Autism: Allergies, Behavior & Chemicals address biomedical needs of autistic children & adults as well as diet and detox therapies to treat autism
  • Nutrition for Women: 10 Foods Women Should Be Eating More Often. This thought-provoking seminar will examine the nutritional health of women and discuss dietary strategies for optimal health
  • Healthy on a Budget: 5-10 tips to staying healthy on a budget
  • Beating the Fall time Change: Natural Treatments for Seasonal Affective Disorder and the Winter Blues.
  • Fight Cold & Flu Naturally
  • Preventing Breast Cancer with PROPER Nutrition
  • Have you had your Omega-3 today? Why and How much fats are necessary
  • Beating Depression the All Natural Way
  • Are Bioidentical Hormones Right For You?

How Do I Set Up a House Party?

To Schedule a House Party please email to let Jennifer Campbell, our wellness coordinator, know that you are interested. If you are interested in any of these topics or if you have another topic in mind include this in the email.

You Must be within 20 miles of our office to participate due to travel difficulties. This includes most of Wake Forest, Raleigh, Cary, parts of Apex and parts of Chapel Hill and Durham.

Each Gathering will last about 2 hours and is sure to insight a passion for health and wellbeing in your group. Dr. Greenfield’s hope is that she can help each and every person she speaks to on their path to preventive health and overall balance.

Dr. Greenfield does not charge for house parties. She simply hopes to increase public awareness of pressing health issues! Take advantage of this opportunity!

Dr. Jennifer Greenfield is managing partner of Center for Chiropractic & Wellness in Raleigh, NC. Graduating from Parker College of Chiropractic in 2005, she is now an established chiropractor, Applied Kinesiologist, Specializing in Restorative Endocrinology™. She offers in office and phone consultations for women and men of all ages looking to restore their health through Hormone Balancing.

Dr. Greenfield’s journey began at the age of 17 when unrelenting joint and muscle pain led her to seek chiropractic care. Since that time, she has believed in the power of the body to heal itself, which is a foundational premise behind chiropractic. Dr. Greenfield discovered a love of Applied Kinesiology and growing interest in nutrition while at Parker College of Chiropractic. From that time on, she applied herself and dove into learning the connection between the physical, biochemical, and emotional aspects of the body. This fascination and appreciation for the intricate synergy of the different components of the body evolved and grew when she first attended a lecture given by Janet Lang, D.C on Hormone Balancing in 2007. That lecture triggered a passion in Dr. Greenfield and she began to pursue training with Dr. Lang to become a Restorative Endocrinology Specialist.

Dr. Greenfield has structured her practice to highlight the intricate relationships of the body through physical alignment, nutrition, emotional balance and hormone balancing and has seen patients improve beyond their expectations. She incorporates many different therapies into her practice including Neuro-Emotional Technique, which clears emotional blockages in the system to allow for chemical and physical health as well as mental health. Her love of learning manifests itself in her constant search for more information through lectures, literature, research and more across the country. Her ultimate goal is the healing of the whole individual with knowledge, compassion, and understanding. In addition to treating patients, Dr. Greenfield is also a valued speaking personality in the local Raleigh area on many areas of health and wellness, and hopes to take that reputation to the national circuit.

Dr. Greenfield loves her work, but she also recognizes the importance of taking time to heal and restore her own body and mind. Some of her favorite activities are gardening, strolling the Raleigh Greenways, hiking in Umstead Park, traveling to Sedona to soak in the desert beauty, and trying out new recipes with traditional foods. She has lived in Raleigh since 2005 and truly appreciates the vibrant Triangle community where it is easy to find cultural events, intellectual stimulation and outdoor activities.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

When and How to Choose Organic on a Budget in Raleigh

Check out this great article from Cooking Traditional Foods and the American Menu Mailer. It's a great guide for eating healthy during these harsh economic times!

Also check out the healthy foods blog for a post on the Why and How of Traditional Cooking!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Truth about Statin Drugs and Cholesterol

Statin Drugs are one of the biggest money makers of all time for the pharmaceutical industry and their presence is growing globally. With a promise to lower "deadly" cholesterol levels in a time where heart disease is a truly deadly and scary reality for many modern citizens, the sell is an easy one. Recommended cholesterol guidelines lower regularly, seemingly increasing the need for these "wonder drugs." However, behind the promise of safety lies many inconvenient truths...

Cholesterol has never been proven to cause heart disease. The correlation simply doesn't exist as a causal relationship. Instead cholesterol protects against heart disease. Statin drugs reduce cholesterol in the body, reducing the bodies natural defenses against heart issues and leaving the body vulnerable to many side effects, some of which include:

The most common statin side effects include:

  • headache
  • difficulty sleeping
  • flushing of the skin
  • muscle aches, tenderness, or weakness
  • drowsiness/ weakness
  • dizziness
  • nausea and/or vomiting
  • abdominal cramping and/or pain
  • bloating and/or gas
  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • rash

Which statin side effects are serious?

Myositis, which is inflammation of the muscles, can occur with statins. The risk of muscle injury increases when certain other medications are coupled with statin use. For example, if you take a combination of a statin and a fibrate -- another cholesterol-reducing drug -- the risk of muscle damage increases greatly compared to someone who takes a statin alone.

Other dangers of statins include other muscle conditions, which can be serious in rare cases. First, there can be statin muscle pain. Known as myalgia, this pain can generally be resolved quickly by discontinuing the medication.

Statins can also cause your CPK levels to be mildly elevated. CPK or creatine kinase is a muscle enzyme that can be measured in the bloodstream. Muscle pain, mild inflammation, and possibly weakness are also seen. This condition, though uncommon, can take a long while to resolve.

The third and most severe serious side effect of statins is called rhabdomyolysis. Muscles all over the body become painful and weakened because of extreme muscle inflammation and damage. CPK levels are extremely elevated as well. The kidneys can become overworked trying to eliminate a large amount of muscle breakdown caused by statin use. The severely damaged muscles release proteins into the blood that collect in the kidneys, thereby causing damage. This can ultimately lead to kidney failure or even death.

Common Misconceptions and Reality

  • MISCONCEPTION: eating fat will increase your cholesterol levels.
  • REALITY: If you don't eat enough fat your body will INCREASE your cholesterol. Eating enough fat (the right amount for your body varies by individual needs) will lower cholesterol. It is all dependent on your unique needs. Your body works together with your diet to make sure you have the right amount of cholesterol given your specific requirements. There is not a universal number or level that should be followed by everyone because every body has different requirements depending on several factors.
  • REALITY: The liver uses cholesterol to produce bile without which is necessary to digest food. Taking Statins interferes with the bodies digestive capability causing irreparable liver damage, even failure. Often we don't notice liver damage till it is too late because the liver can operate normally as low as 38% efficacy (which is technically dysfunctional, although not noticeable). If someone is given statins with a compromised liver then their risk increases exponentially for damage or failure.
  • MISCONCEPTION: Lower Cholesterol is good for the heart and as a result of the efficacy of other organs.
  • REALITY: Lowering Cholesterol increases the risk that your body won't be able to heal correctly, in event of a crisis. Why? because cholesterol helps with to heal wounds, develop scar tissue, etc. internally and externally. If a person is prone to bleeding etc then their cholesterol levels will be higher than someone who is not prone to this.
  • REALITY: Statin Drugs are shown to contribute to brain damage and memory loss given that brain tissue is made up of cholesterol and special cells in the brian actually produce cholesterol.
  • MISCONCEPTION: Statin Drugs are good for the heart.
  • REALITY: Statin Drugs lower Co-Q10 levels, one of the most powerful antioxidants of the heart.After age 60 our bodies ability to produce this enzyme are reduced. Taking Statindrugs after this age increases risk for coronary artery disease due to the lack of Co-Q10

  • eat a healthy diet. Eat regular snacks every 3 hours, eat whole, organic (local if possible) foods. Stay away from refined carbohydrates and refined sugars. Avoid Soy products. Supplement your nutrition with whole food and herbal supplements such as Standard Process and MediHerb. Work with a holistic practitioner (chiropractor, acupuncturist, naturopath, etc.) to ascertain your bodies specific needs and to satisfy them.
  • exercise regularly. 30 minutes of activity 3-5 times a week minimally keeps your heart in good working function! Try cardiovascular exercise such as walking and restorative/resistance practices such as Yoga and Pilates.
  • be true to yourself. Identify your emotions, accept them and live without that emotional weight bearing you down. A good mental status is connected to a strong physical one.