Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mona Vie: Pyramid Scheme

Quick update...i'm in a rush but I want to get this topic on here before I forget!

If any of you have been introduced to the product Mona Vie please be wary. As the headline says, this product is part of a simple pyramid scheme. While it promises to be the answer to all your health woes, the reality is that it is chock full of refined sugar and preservatives, and it is highly synthetic and processed. While Acai berry, its main selling point, is the primary ingredient, there are better options than this product that do not contain synthetic substances and are not part of a pyramid scheme.

If you are interested in trying Acai Berry Juice then I suggest this product from Amazon Thunder, which is 100% Acai, and it is USDA Organic. Let me state, however, that while Acai berry is a great food, it is not the only option that gives you high levels of antioxidants. Many berries are full of antioxidants, and are more available to consumers. In general the best philosophy is maintaining a balanced diet of organic and local fruits, vegetables, salt water raised fish, free range beef and poultry and sprouted grains. Please be wary of marketers at your doorstep. Nature didn't intend for health to be distributed in a shiny, sugary, glass bottle...


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  1. I wish to comment on two aspects of your post. 1. You are entirely correct in advising your readers that there are many other sources of antioxidants and certainly acai is not singular in its power or effectiveness. And yes, there are other companies that manufacture a very good acai juice product outside of monavie. 2. Where I will differ with you is your assessment of network marketing as a pyramid scheme. Network marketing, like other professions, has endured its share of abusers and reckless exploiters. That much is certain. And the phrase "pyramid scheme" is negative in every sense of the word for it implies that the few exploiters sit atop a pyramid of gullible workers who are naively encouraged to keep making them rich.
    There are a great many among us in network marketing who believe that our efforts to enlist other distributors are born of sincere desires to help others start and manage their own small businesses. In stressed, recession marked economies network marketing has provided valuable second and sometimes primary incomes for many people working behind wonderful organizations with not only great products but a heart as well.
    LifeVantage and Protandim has real science behind its products including peer reviewed studies and a co-invnetor with two Nobel prize nominations and quoted extensively in Sanjay Gupta's book Chasing Life. His colleague in that process has given every cent he has earned from Protandim over to an organization he founded called World Orphans which rescues abandoned orphans in the furthers corners of the world and brings the Gospel.
    To make a long story short, I would only ask that you not roundly condemn the entire network marketing model and understand that it can be both functional and of great value for many.
    I do enjoy your posts.