Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Spine...Online!

Hello All! I hope 2008 is treating you quite well! I have been ill today and unfortunately this has set me back on my work at CCW a bit (I guess that will teach me to "fudge" my diet restrictions). However, I was able to do a little bit of internet research while curled up on the couch and I found an interesting interactive tool called the "ChiroMatrix."

Basically this tool is a free online guide to the spine for chiropractic patients. It shows, by simply clicking on different vertebrae what organ systems etc. are affected by a spinal subluxation in that area. In short the ChiroMatrix shows how the nervous system and the spine are intricately intertwined to affect your individual health and wellness.

I found this to be an interesting and useful tool for two reasons.
  1. First of all, it is interactive. Not every person learns through lecture, or literature. Many require or at least benefit from the use of hands on material. I definitely benefit from this style of learning.
  2. Second, this tool is easily accessible online and can be used as a quick tool to understand chiropractic diagnosis etc.
It is important, however, to remember that this tool can't give a person a full diagnosis, or treatment plan. It is limited to simple information and can not show EVERY possible effect of a spinal subluxation. However, it can be a useful tool to access for increased understanding of chiropractic theory.

Thanks for stopping by and again, I hope 08' is treating you all well! My next post will include the January recipes so stay tuned!


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