Tuesday, January 1, 2008

January One!

Hello Everyone!

I am still in CT braving the snow, but I am thinking of all of you down south and I can't wait to get back!

While I am out of state, however, I would like to make a few statements of encouragement for the new year. To begin, I want to encourage everyone to toss out their overambitious new years resolutions. Every year we take ample time to ponder these annual goals. We decide to lose a plethora of weight, to travel the world by next year, to increase our incomes by unheard of amounts...but in the end, most of us end up disappointed and no where near our goal. Why?

The answer is simple...too much pressure. Most of us center our goal around an all or nothing mentality. "Either I lose 30 lbs by June or I quit!!!" Not only is this overly ambitious, it is discouraging and it weighs on our self esteem and self worth.

Because of this I say NO MORE RESOLUTIONS. Instead dedicate yourself to bettering yourselves in small ways. When you see the sun is out, take a walk. When you have the choice between organic or non-organic foods choose organic. When you feel "off" take a break to relax and center yourself. At the same time, however, don't "beat yourself up" over not making the "correct" decision in your life every single time. To er is human, and boy are we all human! If you find yourself overly stressed don't focus on the fact that you didn't step back and breathe earlier, instead live in the NOW. Relax and get yourself back on track with out harping on the past. Finally, if you can't accomplish your goals solo there is NO SHAME in getting advice from an expert. In fact, it is probably the smart thing to do, as long as you trust your instincts and do your research in conjunction with this outside information. It isn't helpful, and it isn't healthy to do otherwise.

My personal journey in life has often times put me in similar situations to the instance above. I get down on myself for not exercising enough, for not traveling enough, for not getting enough done in the day, for not being the "best" that I can be. In the end I always feel the same after one of these self reprimanding sessions...overwhelmed and unhappy. Because of this I have learned that there is no point to this behavior. It doesn't help me improve, it only helps me focus on the past.

So for now I am going to live in the present.
I know that the holidays have been hard on my health care routine.
I've eaten things I technically shouldn't
I've traveled too much and not exercised enough
I've slept too little
I've been a person in an unstable world. I accept that, I've moved on, and shortly i'll be back to the better life. When I return to Raleigh I will get back on my treatment plan of Acupuncture, Tuina, AK, NET, and Ion Cleanses. I will take it all in stride, and I look forward to feeling much better.

For now, I will focus on wrapping up the holidays. That is all I can do. I can't take back the corn syrup that was in that piece of chocolate I ate, or the 3 less hours of sleep I got last night. Instead I can appreciate that I got to see family, friends, and snow. I can revel in all I have been given and all I have been able to give. I can look outside, see the sunshine, put leashes on the dogs and head out for a brisk walk in the snow. I can enjoy the moment for all it has to offer.

Happy New Year!

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