Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Developments!

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the big break in posts but there has been a lot going on this week here at CCW and, well , I hate to admit my imperfections, but I haven't had time to post here because I need sleep! ;o)

Anyway, on to the topic of this post (which incidentally has much to do with the reason I have been so MIA) the many new developments here at CCW! Let me just pre-empt this conversation by saying that we all have reason to get excited because next month is going to be big for all of us here at CCW and all of you amazing patients at home! We have so much planned and being planned for this Spring that it is hard to keep up with. So here is the rundown of what we DO have set in stone...

Thursday, February 7th, we will be having our much awaited OPEN HOUSE!
The invitations are being sent out as we speak (or rather as I write) and the presentations, demonstrations, and interactive possibilities are being developed constantly! The general feel of this event will be a social event where our patients and friends can learn more about the options our practice has to offer, taste a little wine, have some hors devours, help us taste test some potential organic products we will be selling, maybe receive some free treatments and more. As the person planning this event, I promise you that it will be the event of the season, so don't miss it!

The following night, Friday February 8th, CCW will continue to flow with the momentum of our open house by sponsoring our first free movie night. We will be showing "Supersize Me" by Morgan Spurlock in the AIHF Conference Center down the hall at 6pm. The movie will be followed by a round table discussion for any one who wishes to participate. It's free, it's fun, and there will be free food! What about that isn't exciting?!

The fun doesn't stop on Friday, however. Saturday, February 9th, CCW will be having our Acupuncture Clinic Open House from 11am-3pm. This will be the first Saturday in a series . Brian Kramer, L.Ac and Andre Tse, L.Ac will use this as a kick off for this new format which will involve 30-45 minute group setting acupuncture treatments for only $30. An amazing price. For more information on this great opportunity please call our office at (919) 845-3280. If you have always wanted to try acupuncture but haven't then this is your opportunity.

OK, OK, so I know this is a lot to absorb at once, so I won't even go in to the other developments we have in the works. Let me just "wet your whistle" a bit by saying that when we start brainstorming about helping our patients the list gets immense! And, hey, if you have anything to add to that list we are ALWAYS open to ideas. Some of our best are coming from patients as we speak!

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