Sunday, January 27, 2008

Back in the Northern State...for now

Dr. Greenfield and I got back around 5:30pm tonight after a weekend full of learning. I must admit, I am tired, but my excitement far outreaches that sensation.

The seminar was excellent. It flew by and left my head spinning with so many ideas. It not only satiated my original expectation it left me hungry at the bit for more. I know that I promised a synopsis for you all but unfortunately there is just no way to convey the knowledge I retained in a blog post. There is just no way to do it justice. But don't worry what we learned will be applied to you all...lovely patients.

I will give you a taste of information though because I like to keep my promises... so here is my tactic: Just so that you know that the information I am going to give you is merely one pearl of knowledge in a sea of oysters I am going to randomly flip through my 90 pages of notes ...right now... and drop my finger on a random bit. So here goes the spinning globe affect....

And the verdict 52
Whole Food Supplement Protocols
Section: Natural Muscle Building Protocol...

Muscle degeneration is a growing problem among us all. We get little exercise, unknowingly eat nutrition deprived food every day and stress our bodies out. Athletes are especially prone to this problem in the world of "fast food" eating and Supermarket "vitamin" taking athletes. even if athletes stray away from protein supplements bought for $5 a gallon and the next gimmicky energy bar the impact of constant athletics without sufficient nutritional support is highly prevalent and may lead to many disorders including chronic fatigue, osteoporosis and more. This protocol is a healthy and essential way to get athletes and people in general on the right path to muscle retention and regeneration!

*note: Dr. Jeanette Birnbach (our speaker) gave us a list of several general protocols that work with many people when trying to acheive a certain health improvement. Healthy Muscle Building for Repair is just one of these. There are many more, and the great thing about being a patient of Dr. Greenfield's is that she is an expert at taking these protocols and formulating them to fit your body in conjunction with your lifestyle. *

This Seminar gave us a natural muscle building protocol of Standard process supplements that have been effective over and over on people interested in this subject. A list of around 6 supplements and dosages was given to us that, when tailored to the individual acheive this goal over time in a healthy manner with lasting effects because the change is from within a persons natural body functioning...not just a synthetic effect.

When I say that this protocol can be tailored to the individual I must stress that it is essential that you come in and be tested on these supplements to acheive the maximum affect desired. While these are completely all natural and derived FROM FOOD ONLY certain imbalances in the body that are not previously tested for can upset the regime and the affect. Age, weight, lifestyle, and more are all factors that help Dr. Greenfield decide what combination of these supplements would work best for you.

It is exciting to know, however, that by taking these supplements in WHOLE FOOD FORM we can help our bodies to heal from within instead of masking an affect through pharmaceuticals. Our goal is self sustaining one wants to feel good through the facade of drugs that contain side effects, toxic ingredients, and the eeriness of the unknown! Standard Process Supplements are FOOD...and food has been around since well...forever. It is well tested and highly approved as an essential part of LIVING.

Please call our office at (919) 845-3280 to set up an appointment today. It is never too soon to start taking steps towards self sustaining health and away from synthetic existence. It is our mission to help you help yourself!

Just an update before I go: On February 9th Dr. Greenfield and I will be traveling to Greenville SC for another excellent Standard Process Seminar on the process of the SP Cleanse Detoxification Program. Anyone with weight problems, intestinal issues, fatigue, stress, and more could highly benefit from this program. This seminar will be the kick-off to help us get our Detox program started in our practice which will include information sessions, a health screening to determine if necessary or allowable and support meetings to keep us all going on the system. SO get excited about this. I'll update more after our seminar.


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