Friday, February 5, 2010

Top 10 Healthy Restaurants in NC's Triangle area

The following are some of my favorite haunts for healthy eating and socializing. You will find restaurants from all over the triangle as well as varying price ranges. Please let me know what you think of my suggestions by commenting on this post.

  1. Zely & Ritz : Organic, local tapas. AMAZING!
  2. Zest Cafe and Home Art : Right off six of the best salads i've ever had was the salmon salad
  3. Panzanella: fantastic Sunday Brunch
  4. Butternut Squash Restaurant : organic food, great environment
  5. Mint Indian Cuisine : some of the best Indian food i've ever tasted, not to mention local and organic.
  6. Weaver Street Market: Great variety, wonderful atmosphere, friendly people...especially on Sunday.
  7. Irregardless Cafe: Great vegetarian options right downtown in Raleigh
  8. Whole Foods Market: You can't go wrong with the salad bar and the Sunday Brunch.
  9. Jason's Deli: Some organic options and always fresh ingredients.
  10. Neomande Deli and Bakery: a local legend...locations in Raleigh and Morrisville

Places i'm eager to try...they may make my next top ten list, who knows?!

La Shish Greek and Lebanese Food: This review from the N&O makes my mouth water!

  • "Kebabs -- chicken, lamb, kofta and beef tenderloin -- are consistently toothsome, and salads are fresh. Attention to detail and authenticity are evident everywhere you look (and taste), from the dusting of sumac on the creamy hummus to the minty brightness of the tzatziki to the whisper of orange blossom in the fresh-squeezed lemonade. Beef shawarma is succulent against a backdrop of caramelized onion, and stellar."
Tower Restaurant:
  • I am professional cook myself, I bet u can never find a better authentic food in the Triangle area or in the Carolinas, Texas has a couple which can compete with the quality of food. I enjoyed everything on the menu and had nothing to complain of. It is pricey a bit, but compared to the food, I would say , It's moderate. Sambar and rasam was ...


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