Monday, February 15, 2010

Raleigh Chiropractors include Nutritional Support for treatment of Vertebral Subluxations

"Subluxations can go undetected for years, and can affect any system in the body. Seeing your chiropractor will help ensure that your body is in proper alignment."

"At our office, we believe that given the proper nutrition, your body has the amazing capability of healing itself. We also beleive that nutrition should be individualized to meet each patient's needs. For these reasons and many more, we proudly recommend Standard Process whole food supplements."

What are Subluxations?

In a healthy spine the vertebrae are "stacked" (or aligned) so that the nerves from the spinal cord are free to properly function. Even if one bone is misaligned, the spine is said to be subluxated. These subluxations may interfere with proper nerve function when nerves can't fire signals to and from the brain effectively. This may result in improper functioning of not only the spine but also organs, glands, muscles or other tissues that are controlled by nerve impulses.
The Stress Factor

Physical and Emotional Stress go hand in hand with subluxations. Poor posture, repetitive motion of any part of the body, or lifting improperly can lead to physical stress on the nerves and spine. Emotional Stress on the other hand can create tension which causes the ligaments and muscles affected by the same nerves to tighten significantly. Any of these situations from stress can easily cause the spine to become subluxated.
Where does Nutrition comes in to play?

While re-aligning the spine through chiropractic adjustments is important for the bodies ability to function normally many chiropractors don't identify an equally, if not more important factor contributing to these subluxations: NUTRITION. Identifying nutritional challenges is essential to spinal health and stability because these challenges can and often do affect nerve function. Proper nutrition through diet and whole food supplementation promotes overall health and provides the human body with the essential building blocks neccesary for tissue repair. The Standard Process and MediHerb Supplement lines work with your bodies synergies to support you and your spine throughout your chiropractic care. At CCW we realize this and we incorporate these products when needed into our treatment process.
Below are some examples of supplements used in treatment of specific areas commonly affected by subluxations:

Joints: difficulty turning and/or bending? This is often caused by improper motion or position of spinal bones

  • Glucosamine Synergy: Supports the body's natural cartilage, ligament, and bone regeneration function
  • Boswellia Complex: Supports Healthy Joints and circulation; provides antioxidant protection

Nerves: numbness, tingling? Often caused by improper spinal function which irritates delicate nerve tissue.

  • Neuroplex Supports a healthy central nervous system (especially the brain)
  • Cataplex B contains B vitamins; helps to maintain nerve health

Muscles: tension, weakness? Addresses the natural anti-inflammatory resonse

Tissues: warmth or tenderness? often caused by Ca deposits, compromising spinal movement and function.

  • Ligaplex II feeds the musculoskeletal system and facilitates freedom of movement
  • Tuna Omega-3 Oil Supports a healthy inflammatory response
  • Gotu Kola Complex Promotes healthy connective tissue and supports the bodies normal tissue repair process

Spine: Restricted Movement?


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