Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Refer a Friend to Center for Chiropractic and Wellness

Have you been amazed by the effects of your treatment here at Center for Chiropractic & Wellness? Has Acupuncture helped you to quit smoking? Has Chiropractic allowed you to get back on your feet and get moving again? Has massage granted you a moment to yourself and some therapeutic stress releif and muscle relaxation? Have you lost weight and increased your energy level with our detoxification program? Have you regained your life pre-, post-, and/or peri menopause with hormone balancing?
Any of these benefits and so many more have been proven in our patients. We pride ourselves on treating the whole individual with the knowledge we've gained and continue to devote ourselves to learning, the compassion we feel as a result of our passion for this practice, and the understanding we have from our own health care journeys.
We are proud to serve you and would love a chance to help your friends and family on their personal road to health and wellbeing. Please tell them to call 845-3280 today to schedule their complimentary wellness consulation with our Wellness Coordinator, Jennifer Campbell, to discuss all of their options here at CCW and discover which path may be the right direction to begin with.
Thank you for your patronage, your dedication to your own health, and your support!
In health & wellness,
Jennifer Campbell, WC


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