Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My New Favorite Blog

Just making noise: sound bites from a deaf mama is a wonderful blend of helpful information on nourishing ways and delectable dishes. Simply scrolling through her recipe database you will find yourself drooling over entrees such as gourmet banana nut butter toast, Costa Rican Corn Pancakes, Avacado Gazpacho, and Tomato Basil Potatoes even before you hit the jaw dropping dessert section where your stomach will growl with the sounds and sites of Fudgy Rich Black bean brownies, Mango Upside down buttermilk cake, pomegranate icecream, Honey banana guava bread and more.

This blog is not simply a self indulgent, look at me and what I can do type of blog. The recipes are actually perfected to fit both your taste buds desires and your bodies nutritional needs. Marilyn Beard, author of "Just making Noise," is an inspiration to all of us with her adherence to traditional ways such as lacto-fermentation and soaking and dehydrating of nuts, seeds, grains, and beans. It doesn't hurt that her visuals will make you salivate alone. She is a master of the senses when it comes to this blog...despite her hearing impairment :)

I say, keep up the good work!


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