Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday Acupuncture Clinic Running Smoothly!

Hello fellow wellness buddies!

Sorry I have been so neglectful of my posting duties, it has been enough for me to just keep up with all the changes i'm making to the blog itself to keep you all informed (i.e. check out the patient testimonials, and outside reading links that I have added, as well as the ever growing Recipe Index). I'll try to get better about multi-tasking :o). Now that I have a moment to breathe however, I thought i'd go ahead and give you a legitimate update.

Let me begin by saying that, although the Saturday Acupuncture Clinic has had a lot to contend with (events wise) it is running quite smoothly nonetheless. So far patients have reported great results with the group setting and are very happy to have a weekend option that suits there many varying needs. Please do come in if you are an established patient to "give it a go," and if you are not established with Brian or Andre then you can always get your one time 30 minute Health Screening done during the week in order to participate on any or all Saturday Clinics. It is a great way to start the weekend with a nice relaxing "bang!"

In other news let me reiterate that on March 4th and 11th CCW doctors and guest Cindy Karas will be leading a two part Stress Management Seminar with topics ranging from nutrition and diet to emotional factors and meditative practices all meant to create a heightened awareness around ways to manage stress that is often times debilitating and health hindering. Our society is literally plagued by stress and this seminar series is a great way to get you on the right track!

On another note, and an EXTREMELY EXCITING one at that, I am ecstatic to officially make you all aware of our next endeavour here at CCW...the implementation of the Standard Process Purification Program in to a supportive GROUP program. This detoxification "bootcamp" will help patients who are interested in detoxifying their bodies, losing weight, decreasing seasonal allergies, and more to go through the program in a group setting that not only creates a support system for each member but also allows for informative sessions that will keep everyone involved on the right track. Each of the 5 sessions throughout the 3 week program will include healthy and tasty recipes that are in line with the detox protocol, health tracking and stage adjustments, question and answer sessions, and more. On a personal note, both Dr. Greenfield (for the second time) and I (for the first time) are going through this protocol currently in order to gain more insight and experience in to the detoxification stages and possible problems, barriers, and more. I have learned more in the past 3 weeks than in the past 3 Months about nutrition (and I work in a nutrition focused environment, not to mention the fact that I am constantly reading and researching new options) simply because it is MY BODY going through this experience. I would reccommend that everyone at LEAST come to one of two informational sessions we will be having in March (call the office for exact dates and times). The benefits of this program for me have been amazing. Not only have I regained the energy I lost from my last bout of anemia, my intestinal lining is repairing, and I just feel healthier in general. Please feel free to email me with questions at

I'll be posting the schedule for the purification program soon so be on the look out for that. In the mean time however, don't forget to check out Cindy's weekly recipe contribution (Fruit Salad with Sweet Dressing) on the Recipe Index. As always healthy is TASTY when cooking with Cindy!

UPDATE: the schedule has been added to the Purification Program Link. Information Sessions Start March 19th so get READY!

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