Friday, February 1, 2008

Recipe Update...snack time!

For all you football fanatics, superbowl-watching stars, and plain ol' party planning fools this post is for you...

...and anyone who likes good food of course...

Superbowl Sunday is around the corner and we all know what the kitchen gears up for on that special day...SNACK FOODS!

Unfortunately, traditional american snack foods tend to be loaded with extra salt, trans-fats, unhealthy oils, refined sugars...think bags of potato chips, bean dip, cookies, candy, processed cheese dips, sodas, and lots of alcoholic beverages...This means many things. Besides waking up with indigestion, fatigue, and general regret after a night of this sort of "diet" this sort of eating is simply another testament to the unhealthy eating patterns wearing out the bodies and minds of the America people and all of those affected by our culture.

So...what do we do?!

The answer is easy, fresh, and tasty...we make a commitment to protect our health by categorizing the typical snack foods as the unhealthy alternative to what snack food SHOULD be.

  • Canned Bean Dip and Fritos???
    • Wouldn't You rather try some organic corn tortilla chips and homemade fresh guacamole!
  • Chili Fries loaded with grease, and a side of indigestion?
  • Doritos?
  • Oreos?
    • Nope i'm craving some raw organic nutritional and simply "sinful" fudge and truffles
  • Soda, Soda, and More Soda?
    • I'd rather have some sparkling water with a touch of pomegranate juice....mmmm punch!

Look at it this way folks...eating the wholesome, nutritional, and purely taste bud tempting way is much better than the ...alternative...YUCK.

So check out some of my recipe links, get creative, and enjoy your sunday night this week without the Monday Morning Guilt and Regret. And don't forget to check out our very own Cindy's new recipe editions this week!

One last note: don't forget to RSVP for our OPEN HOUSE on Thursday Feb. 7th (THIS WEEK!). It is going to be a blast!

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