Friday, June 4, 2010

Link Lovin': Spread the Love with a Click (or a few)

Today as I was reading one of my favorite blogs out there (Food Renegade) I realized that this savvy blogger has a great initiative called "Link Love" where she links directly to current and interesting bloggers and web sources from the month.

What a Great Idea! I decided I had to jump on this band wagon and not turn here is my link lovin' for June:

FIrst of all, let me start with a reference to Food Renegade herself. In this article dated April 21st she discusses research debunking the myth that saturate fat causes heart disease...

Next lets look at ChiroOrg as they discuss the top 6 Alternative Medicine Modalities to treat back pain and their effectiveness. Chiropractic takes the top spot, Massage and Acupuncture also seem to help. As we offer all three here at CCW it's no wonder that our patients leave feeling amazingly whole!

Acupuncture Today's current issue has a wonderfully descriptive article about the low fat phenomenon's relation to obesity titled the "Snackwell Effect" that I highly recommend.

For a tasty bite try Karina's Kitchen Quinoa taco promises to be drool-worthy

And Finally for some summer sun safety check out the Environmental Working Groups Shopper's Guide to Safer Sunscreens.

I hope you enjoy my first bit of "link lovin'" and continue to read on!

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