Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cancer Prevention Tips: Raleigh Wellness Center discusses easy tips

1. Focus on healthy diet: Science supports the importance of eating fresh fruit and vegetables and low intake of animal protein and casein (dairy protein) in preventing and reducing the risk of cancer by 30-60%. Try the low-carb Meditteranean Diet for a great basic diet. Essential Fatty Acids are neccesary for health and healing. Great sources are Coconut Oil, Butter, Flax, Hemp Seed Oil, Avocado, Eggs and more.

2. Exercise: People who exercise 6 days a week lower the risk of getting cancer by more than 30%. Try to move and stretch any chance you get all day long. Take a lap around your house or office building on a break. Stretch and stand up for a quick walk to the water get the idea.

3. Sleep: Sleeping 7-8 hours a night increases hormone production and immune system boosters. The result is reduced risk of cancer. Eliminate intake of caffeine especially after lunch. Drink a lot of water to expel toxins and stimulants from the body.

4. Stress management: Addressing stressors and managing their impact on the human body decreases cancer risk significantly. Get an Adrenal Stress Index Saliva test done to see how your adrenal glands are currently functioning and how you can possibly support them nutritionally to handle stress levels better.

5. Eliminating alcohol: People who consume more than 7 drinks per week have 60% higher risk of developing cancer. Alcohol is directly connected to increased risk of pancreatic, stomach, liver and liver cancers. Limiting the quantity and frequency of alcohol intake decreases risk of cancer.

6. Obesity and diabetes: 20% higher risk of colon cancer and of course all other types of cancer and diseases. See points 1&2. Move and Eat right...simple as that

7. Smoking: Smoking increases the risk of lung cancer, vocal chord cancer, and throat and bladder cancer.

8. Birth control pills: They increase the risk of liver cancer and other synthetic hormones are associated with increased incidence of female organ cancers like ovarian, breast and uterine cancers. Also avoid soy as it can increase estrogen levels causing early puberty in women and increased cancer risk as well as lower testosterone levels in men.


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