Thursday, June 11, 2009

Seeds of Change Foods: A Great Organic Company ...tasty too!

Seeds of Change Foods recently sent me some samples to try out and review at leisure. There were no strings attached and I'm always one to accept free food so I went ahead and accepted the offer. After trying their products, I now know why they were so quick to offer them for sampling...they are just could they get a bad review?

Below are some of the products I tried and loved, along with a list of their ingredients which are certified organic...and lo and behold, you can actually pronounce the ingredient list! Many of these products are gluten free, some are dairy free and kosher, and most are whole grain.

Simple to prepare, Seeds of Change Simmer Sauces can be used in meat or fish dishes, but they're just as delicious simmered with vegetables for an authentic vegetarian meal in minutes. Sauté one pound of your favorite protein or vegetables until done, add sauce, cover and simmer for 10 minutes. I went the easy route and simmered the sauces over chicken breasts and then added some cooked broccoli and topped it over some organic jasmine rice....TO DIE FOR. It smelled so good that the aroma seemed to lift my boyfriend off of the couch and carry him in to the kitchen in anticipation...not an easy fete ;) The Korma Simmer Sauce is a traditional mild coconut based curry and its creamy texture and 'not to sweet' flavor really were a welcome at home option. I felt like I was at the local Indian restaurant. The Jalfrezi is a mild to medium tomato based curry. I prefer the Korma but for those of you who like tomato based sauces then I'm sure you'll love this one. It's rich in flavor but not overwhelmed with varying spices.

Korma Simmer Sauce Ingredients
Water, heavy cream* (milk*), coconut*, onions*, evaporated cane sugar*, tapioca starch*, sunflower oil*, sea salt, lemon juice*, garlic*, cilantro*, ginger*, turmeric*, coriander*, cumin*, cayenne pepper*, paprika*, cardamon*, cinnamon*.

Jalfrezi Simmer Sauce Ingredients

Water, tomatoes in juice*, onions*, tomato puree* (water, tomato paste*), red bell pepper*, sunflower oil*, coconut*, green bell peppers*, evaporated cane sugar*, tapioca starch*, sea salt, cilantro*, lemon juice*, garlic*, cumin*, coriander*, ginger*, mustard seeds*, turmeric*, chili pepper*, fenugreek*, cayenne pepper*, black pepper*, cardamom*.

As for the Rice and Grain mixtures Seeds of Change does an especially fantastic job with their boxed products. As it states on their website they "marry both uncommon and familiar grains to distinct and delectable blends of spices and herbs so you can savor tastes from around the globe." That statement suites my dining experience perfectly. My favorite of the bottom three was Siena Tuscan blend...however the Havana Cuban rice and beans tasted surprisingly authentic and the pilaf was nice and fluffy.

Havana Cuban Style Whole Grain Rice and Beans Ingredients

Whole Grain Parboiled Brown Rice*; Black Beans*; Spices*; Dried Onion*; Tomato Powder*; Roasted Turkey Flavor* (Turkey*, Sea Salt); Dried Green Bell Pepper*; Sea Salt; Garlic Powder*; Dried Red Bell Pepper*; Less Than 2% Of Cilantro Extract*; Miso* (Fermented Soybeans*); Vinegar*; Cane Juice Molasses*; Red Bell Pepper Extract*; Corn Syrup*; Caramel Color*.

Siena Tuscan Style whole grain rice an
d beans ingredients
Whole Grain Parboiled Brown Rice*; White Beans*; Orzo* (Durum Wheat*, Semolina*); Peas*; Sea Salt; Tamari Powder* (Soybean*, Rice Flour*; Rice Maltodextrin*; Salt, Soy Lecithin*); Evaporated Cane Juice*; Dried Garlic*; Roasted Turkey Flavor* (Turkey*, Sea Salt); Spices*; Dried Onion*; Tomato Powder*; Sunflower Oil*; Dried Lemon Juice*.

Persia Seven Whole Grain Pilaf Blend Ingredients

Whole Grain Parboiled Brown Rice*; Whole Grain Spelt (Wheat)*; Whole Grain Oats*; Whole Grain Barley*; Wild Rice*; Whole Grain Bulgur Wheat*; Rye Berries*; Dried Onion*; Evaporated Cane Juice*; Sea Salt; Tamari Powder* (Soybean*, Rice Flour*, Rice Maltodextrin*, Salt, Soy Lecithin*); Garlic Powder*; Tomato Powder*; Spices*; Red Bell Pepper Flakes*; Sunflower Oil*; Wine Extract*.

* = Certified Organic

Check out coupons at the seeds of change site.

Disclaimer: The only product I was not happy with was the microwaveable rice that I was sent. I can't comment on the flavor or the texture simply because I didn't eat them. Why? Simple, I don't microwave anything in plastic, because of chemical leaching in to my food, and these products came in a plastic type bag.


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