Monday, January 12, 2009

A Map to Self Discovery

CCWwellness blog has now celebrated its first year of existence! It has been a pleasure leading this source and the anniversary of its creation has caused me, its creator, to look back on the past year with a sense of nostalgia and perspective.

I realize now that the past year has truly been a year of self discovery and inner reflection. I have started to become comfortable in myself, in who I am, in my abilities, and in my world view. The wonderful staff and patients of CCW have truly been an integral part of that journey, and will continue to be so in the new year. 2009 is looking very promising!

In homage to this new sense of adventure and introspection I would like to share an article from one of my favorite sites The article is "Eight Baby Steps to Knowing Yourself" by Kimberly Fulcher. I encourage anyone interested in using 09' as a year of self examination to read the article. While you may not feel the urge to follow the entire map of this article, you will get some great ideas...and the best part....they are EASY!


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