Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Basic but Informative

While "surfing" the waves of my usual health related websites this morning I veered off the beaten path and came across a new source that I can't believe has not been on my radar screen. Dr. Lawrence Wilson, a Medical Doctor with extensive experience in natural medicine and hair analysis testing has an amazing site. Granted, it isn't fancy, aesthetically titillating, or all that eye-catching but the information provided is immense and very helpful. One article I came across when delving through his archives is entitled "Willpower and the Will to Live". I find the information given in this article extremely enlightening, easy to read, and gripping. I encourage all of you to read the article, as it pertains to the process of healing on so many levels. Below is a brief take home synopsis:

Developing a strong, positive will is important to healing. This article discusses the four steps to developing a strong will:
  1. Desire: Desire is the motivating force for everything. A strong desire for healing, no matter how it is felt, for example, is absolutely necessary for healing to take place. The best treatment or doctor in the world will help nothing if the desire for healing is not present.
  2. Intention: Intention is about maintaining your desires in a consistent way, no matter what happens, over an extended period of time. It may also be called persistence or stick-to-itiveness.
  3. Allowing: It is often necessary to allow symptoms as healing crises to play out as part of healing. It is also necessary to allow emotions to surface, or to allow oneself to undergo unusual or uncomfortable experiences or therapies.
    Allowing also has to do with permitting a process of healing to occur, when the mind is looking for healing to be simply an event.
  4. Surrender: This is the most mysterious of the four steps. In a way, it is the outcome of allowing. In other ways, it is a very active process. In part, it is saying that I am not sure what the outcome will be, even though I have faith. It is admitting that one cannot know all the facts on this earth plane of existence. God or the higher self may have plans for me of which I know nothing. Therefore, I surrender, in the end, to the will of the high self or God. This applicable across faith boundaries.
Much more information and keys to success on each step are given in the article. That is why I encourage everyone to check out this article. I know that it really gave me a boost of will reading this article. It is always good to remind ourselves of how complacency and lack of action can affect our health both mentally and physically.

While you are there check out some of the excellent articles on the benefits of hair analysis...a procedure that we prescribe to at CCW due to it's MANY benefits in diagnosis and analysis of health problems.


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