Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ca Clinic a Success!

Thank you to both Dr. Jennifer Greenfield, Dr. Darcy Ward, and all our guests for helping to make the Calcium Clinic a great event! We were able to administer many Calcium Cuff tests to measure the absorption of Ca in the body, several personalized consultations, and gave out a lot of great information. As always our goal is to treat the whole patient with knowledge, understanding, and compassion and part of that includes our desire to educate our patients as much as possible. We are constantly offering new learning experiences so please do take advantage!


June is full of more exciting activities for our patients and the interested public.

On Tuesday June 24 Dr. Thomas Young will be leading an interactive seminar on "Vacation Fitness and Nutrition" at 6pm in the American Cancer Society Conference Room. With a background in physical therapy, athletic performance, and nutrition this Chiropractor will help you to formulate a practical "game plan" for surviving the summer travel without expanding your waist line or risking your health.

Then on Friday June 27 at 5pm we will be having a free screening of "Supersize Me" in the American Cancer Society Conference Room. This documentary film by the famous Morgan Spurlock is a personal and tell tale account of the true health depletion related to the practice of eating fast foods. It truly will open your eyes! Refreshments will be available and the event will be followed by a brief and optional discussion.

Please call the office at (919) 845-3280 for more details and to RSVP to these events. July events are in the works and will be updated soon so watch for those!

Also if you ever have an idea for a seminar or something that you would like to see addressed on this blog or in our newsletter please email me at


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